Whether I lived in New York City, or my charming childhood town in the Himalayas I was seeking. Seeking for an Ultimate Reality.

Journeys are made. When people meet, hearts collide, and the travellar suddenly finds himself swimming in the orange  flame of the horizon.  One stumbles upon the inherent devotion to life, to truth, to Being. Nisargadatta, one who abides in the natural state! TRS aims at such a meeting. Both for itself, and our beloved guests.

Journey unto the Heart with us. Our tours are gatherings of like-minded souls, gravitating towards a path of Self-discovery, love, joy, service and expression. We bow unto the humble with our village and rural immersions, soar unto the skies with Himalayan starkness. Breathe life into our days with meditation, yoga and service. Guided by people who love the land themselves, and have a deep inner compass. Come unto our lifeboat. Like someone said “ One moment with the beloved, and the river changes its course.